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18x10" (or 9.5") Wheels to Clear Brembos with Low Offset (+15-30)

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Looking for some wheels for the front of my car. 18x10, or 18x9.5 will work. HAS to clear the brembos. I bought some AM wheels that do not clear. They rub the outside of the caliper on the inside of the wheels (not the spokes).

Also would like to have a low offset of 15-20. I know this is a popular size and offset with the evo crowd (same bolt pattern, but do they clear Mustang brembos???), but haven't been able to find the low offset that actually clear the brake calipers. Only need 2 (rears work fine).

These will be just track wheels, so I don't care if they match the rear wheels.

I already have tires 275/35/18.

Any suggestions for some cheap wheels?
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Well I took a chance, and got some TSW's. They fit great, but are +27 offset, so they stick out of the wheel wells a little bit. Not an issue for me, as I'm only using them as track wheels.

I got the 18x10.5 TSW Panorama Rotary Forged Wheels. They weigh 25lbs each. I actually wanted the TSW interlagos (lighter weight, and look better IMO, but they didn't have them in stock).


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And yeah, WHEEL GAP!!! Suspension coming soon:winks Only 1100 miles on her:shrug
Usually its not the offset that determines BBK clearance, its spoke design.
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