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Firs off, sorry if this isn't in the correct section. This seemed like the best place. I'm going NUTS tearing this block apart that a buddy gave me. Upon tear down I have run into the following casting numbers/markings:

- 6 bolt bell housing
- D4DE-6015-AA (does this mean it's from a 1974 Ford Falcon/Maverick?)
- has "302" stamped in the main journals.
- marked 4G11 (built in July 11, 1974)

- 302 A3B 6F23

Here's where it gets odd....

- Show "65" and "302" on them. These from a 65 302 in a 70's 302?
- D3OE611OBB (everything I can find on this shows 73+, yet they are stamped "65")

- C8OE-A and A-435 (from a 1968 Torino/Fairlane)

Rod Caps
- D1OE-AA (from a 1971 Torino/Fairlane)

Is it safe to assume at one point this motor was bastardized? The skirts to the pistons look great, rings were great. I've never seen a ford motor with this many different year/make/model castings before. Is this normal? The pistons/rods is what has me the most tripped up. See attached images. What do you all think?


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Hello. :) Ford did not start making 302s until the beginning of the 68 model year. That '65' on the pistons is not an indication of model year, it meant something at the foundry where the pistons were cast.
Your interpretation of the casting numbers on these parts is only partially correct. For the most part, Ford did not have model-specific parts like engine blocks, cylinder heads, etc.. What that third character designates is only the original intention for the part. In other words, the blueprints that were used in the design of the part might say Fairlane or Falcon, but, the part was used in all sorts of other applications. Those rod caps, for example, were originally intended for a 71 Torino, but, they were used in several models, and for several model years. There wasn't really any need to change the part number since they hadn't changed the design. What you have is a 302 from something built for the 74 model year that has had the heads replaced at some point. This might help. :)
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