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1964.5 Mustang 289 Overflow Heat

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Just got back from running around with my 64.5 289 conv. After shutting it off, the antifreeze started running out the overflow line in a stream.
I have run the car before with no problem. Is the car running too hot? My temp gauge isn't working so hard to tell what the temp is at.
Also, after shutting off and restart after a minute, it won't turn over strong but will start.
Any suggestions?
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Start by getting a temp. gauge hooked up. Pretty simple, any local parts store should have the parts and be able to explain it. Also, the radiator should not be filled completely to the top. Start with the gauge and let us know.
If it is hot and filled too high then yes. Welcome to the overheating mustang club. Search this site in the window above for overheating and you'll find tons of threads/posts about mustang owners trying to fix their overheating problems. Good Luck
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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