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1964 mustang rotors

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anybody know a good site to fine stock replacement rotors for a 64 1/2 mustang 289?
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brake, this car has disc brakes.
you you guys positive that 64 1/2 289 didnt have front disc's?
ok well the pik slip says 64 mustang but its got rotors up front. they are the second owners and havent done anything except rebuild the motor stock. they bought it in 1980 from an old car collector so i doubt he would do just the fronts?? idk ill look more into it. but anybody know where i can finde some for a good price?
ok got a car fax report and it says 65 mustang but the pink says 64?? i guess its a 65 were going to have to get that fied lol
the brakes look like the second link but with a little more rust haha:gringreen
looked up the vin on the car today and its a 65 code A with a 4v(4v is 4 barrel carb correct?) 289. took off the front rotors and its got a 4 piston caliper. the pads were worn down to the rivets and put some serious grooves in the rotor so im ordering some new ones from ca mustang.
well the caliper is different. this has a fixed 4 piston caliper.
got rotors and pads for about 200. got them installed today now were doing the backs. getting some tires on it and driving it to my house to powerwash the years of dirt and crap off of it. ill probably redo most of the suspension in the fall in my suspension class. looks like its in good enough shape to make it well through the summer. im pretty excited for this car and its not even mine. told my cousin i might have to get a copy of thos keys made for me hahah
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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