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1964 or 65' Mustang Grille

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Dear All,

I have 64.5 Mustang Conv.

Any expert can tell if there is any difference between 64.5' and 65' Mustang Conv. grille trim?

Thanks by advance
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They are the exact same grille. The only difference between 64.5 and 65 was in 64 the cars had a generator and in 65 they had an alternator (the Idiot Light reflected this by saying either GEN or ALT).
Well there are some more differences, but your right the grilles and grille trim is the same.
Yep. I think that I know about the most vehicle differences, but I wanted to be sure about the grilles and grille trim.

So thanks a lot,
My 64.5 has a smoke gray colored honeycomb grille and my 65 had a black honeycomb grille, they were identical except for the color, not sure it that was factory or if someone repainted one over the years.
just repainted or just it fading slightly
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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