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1965 289 2-barrel Carburetor ports

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Okay, so another question on my mutilated carb- The kickdown assembly isnt hooked up, nor is the choke. I do however have a hose running from the choke area to the transmission (I think, havnt actually gotten a chance to jack her up again to find out). My question is, what is it? I know its not the vacuum advance to the distributor, 'cos thats hooked up too...any suggestions?

Heres a pic so you can see what I'm talking about...


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it is for the transmission modulator. :bigthumbsup
ok, so does that mean I technically dont need to hook up the kickdown?
yes it still needs the kickdown.
And would it be a problem hooking up, say, the Lokar universal cable, even tho the car originally had the rod setup?
yes, cable is pull, rod is push.
Hello. :) The port that you have marked as 'Tranny, I Think' is actually supposed to be covered by the choke thermostat housing, which is missing entirely on your carb. The modulator vacuum fitting is supposed to be coming off of the intake manifold back behind the carb. :)
@ Veronica
Hey, i noticed you seem extremely knowledgeable on the finer points of mustangs :bigthumbsup, and would like to hear what you think! I have another post about my carburetor that hasnt gotten alot of attention...and I would like some advice on whether or not to completely scrap my current setup and buy a whole new carb & linkages, or to try and salvage what i have. Im guessing it is salvagable, considering it managed to pass inspection as-is, but seeing as my major is electronics technology, Im guessing with most things here :headscratch:. Thanks!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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