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1965 Coupe 289. No Power

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Good Morning,
I know upfront this is a difficult question to answer from a Computer, but I am putting the interior back together from the Paint and I have No Power to anything? No Ignition, No lights, No spark when I hook the Positive cable up. It is like there is no battery ( which I charged and checked ) I have chased wires for seversal days. Any suggestions on something big I could be missing? any ideas would be appreciated. I have re wired alot of the car with New underdash looms, New switches, etc.
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You need to download a wiring diagram for your car. Main power comes from a wire on the battery side of the solonoid (should be 2 wires there), the heavy one to the battery + terminal and a wire in the harness to a connector on the firewall, then this goes through the firewall to the inside and then powers the other stuff, like ignition switch, fuse panel, light switch etc. Good Luck.
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Sounds like you got at least one primary wire in the wrong place. Not everything goes thru the fuse box. So no lights is a good indicator something is in the wrong place or just not connected.
Problem Solved

Pink Resistor Wire was not plugged into the Iginiton Switch. Car turns over now, but no lights yet! Keep searching...

Thanks for the input as always
Headlight power doesn't go through either a fuse or the ignition switch and should work all the time. Sounds like there are other wires still disconnected somewhere.
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