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1965 GT-350 Paint codes

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When the funds are available ide like to repaint the car. Im toying with two options and both of which include removing all modling and emblems and adding a Shelby hood.

Opt A) Keep it red, add the hood and remove all moldings/emblems

Opt B) Repaint it white/blue stripes, add the hood, the R-model apron and remove all molding/emblems

My questions are these for those who know or have already done it... What are the colors for the Shelby? And what would it cost? Im not looking for a trailor queen/show car paint job, just a good oem/driver paintjob. There are only a couple of body shops in town and none of which ide trust the job to so ill have to take it out of town somewhere. Im just trying to geta ballpark figure. I know here is some extra labor involved for the removal of the moldings/emblems. Any info would be great! Thanks.
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Guardsman blue Mustang code F, Fewer than 200 cars were shipped from Shelby with the Lemans stripe. But I have a question for you if your car is a documented 48,000 original why change it? :headscratch:
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