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K-motor is blown (2nd one I've ruined); Motor in car is new Blueprint Engine 306 since April 2015 (1995 5.0 30 over +Air Gap RPM Intake+2.02/1.60 I/E 292 dur/ .577/.577 lift) w/K items dressing it up. w/388 H/Power+373 Torque on blueprint sheet. Block is 1995; I like this motor much better and with my 46 years experience driving K-codes since 1969 I say this:
"What is all the Hype over this K-Motor?" Torque is weak, Needs High revs to get decent power... Well what say you? My choice is the Blueprint 306 for all my 5R08K driving needs--hands down better than 389 w/3 dueces on my 66 GTO or these 3-289 K's Motors I drove near 1 million miles in two K-Cars! The Car itself is fantastic now!


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