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1965 Mustang convertible door window regulator?

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Anyone with hands on? My window was very hard to open and close. Decades ago I had the guts out of the door and figured that the tracks just needed to be lubed.

I finally pulled off the door panel and yes, the rather undisturbed lithium grease had hardened up over the years of inactivity.

More importantly, the rear arm had pulled out of it's roller. I squeezed the clip so it would take a better bite and reinserted the pin into the roller. I re-lubed the three tracks and all the pivot points I could find, then I sprayed dry lubricant into all the vertical glass channels.

The window works more smoothly now but when it gets down to about 3" from being closed it comes to a sudden stop. If I roll the window back up, then lower it with a small amount of pressure on the top edge of the glass, the window smoothly goes all the way down.

What might be going on? Is there a hitch in the quadrant and sector? Do I need to pull it to find out what is going on?
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Hello. :) I think that the first thing that I would check would be to see if the bottom of the big bracket thingy that the glass is attached to is hitting the regulator arm. It passes by there at about the place you say that the window is stopping. :)
If that were the case, is it a matter of adjustment to make things clear? With that little bit of pressure added to the top of the window, it goes down smoothly like there is no hitch in the quadrant or sector shaft.
A curiosity is about the rear arm of the regulator. When I took the door panel off to check the lube in the tracks, the last 3" of the rear regulator arm was bent in toward the inside of the car. It was that pivot pin that had pulled out of the nylon roller and I figured that it should not have had that bend in it. I straightened the arm and reinstalled the nylon roller.

Maybe that bend was meant to pull the bottom of the window inward. I will be taking the passanger door panel off and see if that regulator arm had the same bend in it.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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