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1965 Mustang Fender Bolts Size?

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I ordered a Fender Bolt Kit and it only has (12) bolts, which are for the top of the fenders. Does anyone know if the same type of bolt/washer is used for the other Fender bolts on the inside of the car, door jamb and underside?
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Not quite sure, it's been awhile since I replaced the body bolts on my car. But the best place to order fasteners for restorations is AMK. I was very satified with the kits I bought from them. They are also very clear & specific.

Restoration hardware - AMK Products Inc !

Hey there seek James... [email protected] tell him Jimmy sent you...he has every factory bolt and washer you need and replated at that..great guy to talk to ...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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