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1965 Mustang Front Sway Bar

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Hey all,

I want to go with a bigger sway bar for the handling benefits. However, I am unsure with what size to go with, car is a weekend cruiser and is not tracked. Was wondering to hear your experiences with different sized sway bars. I've been thinking about the Addco 1" but I dont know if that is too stiff for the street and occasional canyon driving.
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i wouldn't go bigger than 1" anything bigger will make it to stiff
Right, I was thinking that 1 inch is the max, but how stiff will the 1 inch be? Will the 1 inch be too much? Thanks.
I put the 1" sway bar in my '65. It is not too stiff for the street, and you will have much more fun canyon driving with it!
Alright cool, good to know! Thanks for the response.
Believe it or not - you can tune the sway bar to some extent. Factory rubber style - to - the new black poly type - to - the urethane type. Soft to medium to hard....they will make a difference in how they work on the car. I would get the 1" and try the middle firmness bushings. If you find it too hard, you can get the factory rubber style on the cheap. Addco is/was great stuff. Back about 30 years ago, I stood in front of the machine while my buddy bent me up a bar. It is still on there and looks great. That's the thing about buying top quality parts - you don't need to replace them very often!
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I totally agree about the quality part of your post! The one I am going to buy has the polyurethane mounting bushings and end links so I'll see how those work out, thanks for the response.
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