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Yeah, I hear this a lot, it's just old Mustangs but I'm in the process of changing the whole front steering on my '67 part by part.
With every part I am changing the car handles better.
I've just driven another '67 Mustang with all new parts and it doesn't wander at all, so it can be done.
Don't take this it's just the old Mustang bit, I don't.
It's very hard to say what is exactly wrong with your car......
You changed the idler arm, inner tie rods?
The people that did the allignement should be able to tell you what the problem is tough and if it still wanders after that, they shouldn't have done the allignement in the first place.
If you go to a allignement place and they see that the tie-rods, control valve or whatever has a problem how can they allign the car, they can't.
Veronica has a good point that everything has to be V8 so hell, just change every thing.
New control valve, center link everything, if you just change one thing but not the other the problem will stay.
Paul289 might have point with the warped thing, like maybe it was in a crash once?
That's the only thing that maybe can keep killing any work you do.
You can allways convert to Total Control products wich should solve any problems you have but this is financially and workwise no peanuts.
Other than that, keep trying, if the car has a problem there should be a reason for it wich can be fixed, but hey, that's just my opinion. :D
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