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1965 Mustang-To replace or not to replace?

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I'm restoring a 65 coupe. I pulled off the upper cowl (so many spotwelds) and of course the lower is rotted too. There are holes in the firewall and the upper lip is gone too. How difficult would it be to replace the firewall? Will I need to jig the car, the frame is solid and it already has new floor pans. Any suggestions?
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My neighbors car is more sliced up and he hasn't jogged it. I thk you would be ok with just cutting out the firewall.
Firewall Replacement

I just performed a similar repair on my 66 fastback. I knew cowl rot was an issue but did not know that the upper lip on the cowl side panels and firewall was as bad as it was. Once I realized the extent of the rust damage I continued on replacing both cowl side panels, the left and right upper firewall repair panels, the left floor to firewall panel and the right rearward inner fender. Like your car, the floorpans had been replaced previously. I did not brace the front end when I cut out the cowl and the sides, however I did take numerous measurements to make sure nothing moved while I was working. I personally encountered no problems. If your frame and floor are sturdy, there should be no problem but I would take some reference measurements to check my work before I did my final welding.
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