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1965 Radio ipod mod

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Can anyone direct me to someone who can help me out with adding an auxiliary in on the original radio that I have in my
65 mustang?Someone around the Burbank, Ca area would be even better. It seems like it must be a simple electronic process.

I don't want to purchase the Custom Audio USA 66 radio because I have heard some awful things about it.

Thanks for your help.
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something you can do is leave the radio and speaker at the front and hide 2 speaker and amp at rear then plug ipod straight to amp you need a switch to turn on amp and power to amp i did this its sounds great make sure you have a good ipod if you hide rear speakers and front speaker you can't see anything..sorry i could not help with pluging into radio.
well, i was thinking of going directly into the radio to keep the whole scenario classic.
what have you heard about the CAS USA? I have one of their radios in my LTDII I restored a long time ago. It looks nice but their feel and overall quality just seems super cheap.
only that the quality isn't the best, the volume knobs are loose and that sometimes the stereo just turns off. i have read these things and more while clocking in about 4 hours of internet searching. however, one thing everyone says is that they look boss and i agree.

my personal issue is more of a price thing. this guy quoted me 482 bucks for the usa 66 stereo, dash speaker, antenna and 2 hours labor @ 65 bucks per hour. i'm not trying to be a cheapskate but if i'm gonna pay 482 dollars for all this, i want to make sure it's badass! or perhaps i'm completely off the mark and this is a good price.
you want to put an ipod jack onto the front of an oem radio??

Mike Hagan is the real deal in converting your vintage radio to a modern digital unit, while keeping the original look. I saw some of his work at his vendor stand at the last All-Ford show I attended at Carlisle, PA. It was very impressive. I'm probably going to have him convert the original AM radio I have for my 69 Mach 1. Check out his website.

Converted Radios
Imo ur not gonna get one hooked to the radio easily, but you can buy a transmitter so u can listen to it on ur radio. thats what i do.
the radio is am only because it's the original. it seems to me that it's a simple process for someone who knows electronics. the amplifier in the radio amplifies a radio signal right? couldn't the amplifier be made to amplify an auxiliary signal just the same? maybe i don't know what i'm talking about, but this seems sound.
if the auxillary input was soldered to the same input post on the amplifier as the receiver it should work. The trick is figuring out how to make it override once the input is engaged. The thing that would probably suffer with those old radios is sound quality.
Two problems with a transmitter:

1) They only work on FM
2) If you live in a major metro area, most of the frequencies are taken and if they're not, you're competing with 8 million other people trying to use those frequencies for their transmitters.

I'm just going nuts and putting a new radio in. I'm saving the old bezel and radio for when/if I get a "lets just restore her to mint" thing. Something tells me that's never going to happen...

You have two problems here to over come;

- The AM radio is analog ( not to mention interferance issues as Doc4421 said)
- The IPOD or MP3 is digital

If you want a good sound but keep the same appearance, you are gonna spend some money. Your best bet is as Wsovonik said, contact Mike Hagen. Otherwise, use your current radio for looks and hide a good one in the car and operate it as Jman says

I have learned over the years that what some people call good sound is considerd trash by others. I have never heard a cheap car radio with good sound quality. It may look good, but its sound is no match.
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