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1965 w/4.6 cobra motor want to swap to automatic trannyc

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i am working on my 65 convertible and am swapping in the 4.6 cobra motor. but i do not want the manual tranny. any suggestions on which automatic transmission would work best.
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4r70w I believe is what factory put behind those 4.6s.
The trans will not fit if it is a t5. A trans that bolts up to it is a 4r70 a t45 or the t3567 or something like that. The t5 bolts to Windsor styler motor like a 3.8v6 or a 260-302
Edit: forgot the orginal quesion. the only issue with the 4r70 would be that its electronically shifting. You would need a tcm to control it I believe.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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