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1965 Windows on my Mustang Coupe

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First I want to say hi to all out there in classic mustang land, this is my first post so if I do this wrong throw a spanner my way.

I am restoring a 1965 Coupe, just replaced the floor plans, fun job if you have the right tools and I lucked out, my wife bought me a plasma cutter for my birthday, yeah, very cool.

My question is this, does anyone know of a exploded view of the door and its mechanicals, the door lock was removed on both sides of the car, not sure why but it dont open, the windows work fine, but no soap on opening the doors. So I am looking for an exploded view of the door and how all the parts fit together, I am sure this is old hat for everyone but Mr. Newbie is learning step by step. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you get to Las Vegas, I will tell you which slot to play to win... (actually dont play any of them they are rigged, I know, I make them....) LOL

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Get you a repair manual for your year mustang most online mustang part houses sell them there worth every penny.
Hello.:) This might help. Here are a couple of pictures. In the first picture, the latch release lever is indicated by the two red arrows and the attaching point for the rod that goes to the outside door hancle is indicated by the green arrow. The rod releases the door latch by pulling in an upward direction. The second picture shows the door latch with all of the rods and stuff that they hook to. If the door won't open at all you will need to remove the door panel and get to the inside part of the door latch. That's always fun with the door closed.:gringreen Good luck.:)


i have a similar problem with my 73's drivers side door. my lock mechanism is jammed to the "lock" position somehow and the door is at the halfway shut position. so i cant open or close the door! any suggestions??
You should be able to remove the door panel from inside car (after removing the handle and stuff) Anyway if you can get to it, there's a rod from the handle that you'll have to pull toward the front of the car and the door should open up. Then you will be able to take a closer look.

There's a metal tab (looks like a two prong fork)just inside the door jamb that holds the lock. It takes a hard tug (after a small pry with a screwdriver), but remove that and take a look at your locking mechanism and all the rods.

A little dab of 3 in 1 oil or WD-40 should free it up so it will turn.
Thanks gang, that really helped, and a special mustang whinny to veronica for the images with all the nifty arrow, wow that is better than any of the manuals that I purchased. Thanks again everyone.
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