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1966 289 with FLOODING Holley Street Avenger

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Good Morning, back to work! I recently bought a 66 coupe with a Holley Street Avenger that was idling very high. I'm new to all this, by no means a mechanic, and know next to nothing about carbs. I finally realized the choke was not connected to a good 12V source and the car was always on choke. The car ran fine for about a day and now it floods within minutes of starting. I've pulled the needle valve assembly and hit it with some cleaner, but it was no help. When I say it floods, withing minutes I've got gas coming out of the top of the carb. What could be causing this?
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First off, try adjusting your floats bring them up til the gas just starts to trickel out the side screws. That's the large screw, on the side of the float bowl. As far as adjusting your carb, take your air/fuel adjustment screws and turn them in until the engine starts to stumble, then start to back them out slowly. You should have a tach and dwell meter, when performing this part so you can keep an eye on the tach. Back them out until the idle stops climbing and levels out. You may only have two, one on each side of the metering block recessed in. If your carb has two blocks, front and back then you may have four. You may have to repeat this procedure, a few times until your idle levels out. Now your idle may be high, adjust the idle at the linkage you'll see an idle screw. Turn it down to raise the idle, and turn it out to lower your idle. Let me know how you make out, Mike. SCT Tuner.:bigthumbsup
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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