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1966 AC question

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I have a 1966 with an original under dash evaporator on the AC system.

I rebuilt the original Compressor and installed a new dryer, condenser, and expansion valve. I kept the original hoses including the original discharge hose. I vacuum checked the system and then filled it up with r134a.

That was maybe 3 months ago.

Because I hadn't installed the AC solenoid on my Holley Carb, I hadn't tried running the system for a couple of months. When I tried it a week ago, it would never get cold.

I suspected that the r134a probably leaked past the discharge hose since it didn't have the barrier. The thing is the clutch is engaging. I have been told that I should have sufficient pressure if I have a low/high pressure switch in the evaporator.

So, the question is is there a Low/High Pressure Regulator in the original Under Dash Evaporator for a 1966 Ford Mustang?
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If I had to guess(and that's all it is) I would say the seal in the front of the compressor leaked.
I am unaware of a low pressure switch on an original 66 system
I believe the compressor is wired straight to the switch
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