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1966 AC question

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I have a 1966 with an original under dash evaporator on the AC system.

I rebuilt the original Compressor and installed a new dryer, condenser, and expansion valve. I kept the original hoses including the original discharge hose. I vacuum checked the system and then filled it up with r134a.

That was maybe 3 months ago.

Because I hadn't installed the AC solenoid on my Holley Carb, I hadn't tried running the system for a couple of months. When I tried it a week ago, it would never get cold.

I suspected that the r134a probably leaked past the discharge hose since it didn't have the barrier. The thing is the clutch is engaging. I have been told that I should have sufficient pressure if I have a low/high pressure switch in the evaporator.

So, the question is is there a Low/High Pressure Regulator in the original Under Dash Evaporator for a 1966 Ford Mustang?
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I am unaware of a low pressure switch on an original 66 system I believe the compressor is wired straight to the switch
That is correct.
Yes, barrier hoses are recommended for best results but they are not always used since they don't affect how the system actually works. The leakage rate is not drastically different so I doubt that was the original problem.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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