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Ok, y'all are going to think I've completely lost it. I want new exhaust. I'm tired of the almost ricer/fart can noise that the standard exhaust makes, and I don't want my car to rumble like a V8. I want this.

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I want the tone of a classic European sports car. :) So what would be the best method to take my 3.3 litre L6 that sounds like a fart can, and make it sound like a DB4 (short of finding an original AM 3.7 litre twin cam 6, lol )? If it helps, the car is getting ready for a 4 speed manual tranny conversion and within a year or so it will say good bye to the autolite 1100 for 3 weber carburetors. Thanks, Michael. :D

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:cooldude::cooldude: Myself, I'd insist on the .30 cals underneath the turn signals as well.

As a first, low-cost, easy try, I'd suggest a nice, big oval Magnaflow muffler inline (ditch the in & out transverse muffler if you have one - but I believe your car is inline anyway). Still better would be (hope you're sitting down) long tube headers (see Clifford Performance: 53-0186 "6=8 HEADERS" 1964-77 Ford Mustang & Square Body w/ 170/200 cid. ) that split the system, then a custom dual system that feeds through a X-junction (tons out there, just order the pipe size you pick), then inline mufflers one step quieter than you would ordinarily pick. Reason? The fewer cylinders per pipe, the more subjective noise. Old rule of thumb of mine.

I'd still stick with a straight-through like Magnaflow for that sound. Guarantee you won't be seeing lots of other 200s with a similar system.....
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