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1966 foglight wiring question

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Ok guys. I need help. I am looking at trading my extra set of wheel covers to aqua66gt for his foglamp wiring. But I have a question. My cars original underdash harness was really cut up so I replaced it. Well, as it turns out my reprduction harness HAD the ring on a wire that connected the ignition switch to the foglamp breaker, but I accidentally shorted it out by thinking it was a ground and connecting it to the dash. (I was 16 and didn't have a wiring manual then, plus the originals weren't built into the harness) Thankfully, that wire getting fried didn't damage my harness so I cut it open (carefully), cut out the damaged feed, and then re-taped my harness. So, now the question. Can someone show me how that feed goes from the ignition switch to the breaker? I read Veronica's "The Care and Feeding of Ponies" blog entry about how to wire foglamps and she says that we are supposed to supply it. Thanks guys.

BTW, I just want to take the chance to say thank you guys for not correcting me. Being british in school is difficult because I get corrected all the time. I say the bonnet (your hood), the boot (your trunk), hood (your convertible top), and I say fog LAMPS instead of fog LIGHTS. I also say things like aluminium (NOTE SPELLING) and pronounced alu-mini-um. So again thanks.
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Fog Lamps is correct

The power feed yellow 3-way connector near the fuse box ( alternate spot is to battery side of starter relay) goes to the C.B. from the other terminal of the CB the Light Blue/Black stripe wire runs to the Fog Lamp Switch

...once turned on ...power then flows through the other 2 wires.
Grey, and black

The gray wire runs to a connector at the firewall and continues to the lamps
The black wire goes to the headlight switch (see loose wire with bullet connector) to illuminate the tail-lights.

Here is my diagram

Here is Ford's

Top left hand corner
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Where one picks up 12 volts doesn't matter

The OEM harness I got for the 68 was designed to get power from the single bullet connector shown below


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Is this where I sing because I double posted ?
Further note on the 68 that wire with the bullet connector that comes out of the harness near the fuse box is spliced into the Un-fused Main Power wire to the fuse box.

IMO, Ford was just cutting costs with options which is the norm for them.
Plug and play with as little cost as possible.
What I thought Ford should have done was have a keyed and un-keyed accessories power block besides the fuse block.
But, again, they want to sell THEIR options not provide for the aftermarket.
Dave check the back of your headlight switch for a loose wire with a bullet connector.

If that is there, that where the tail-lights get the power from the fog lamp switch as shown on the diagrams that have been posted already in post #2

If you have the 65 wiring harness you need to splice into circuit wire #14 on this schematic which is what V's tech article means because they didn't introduce the tail-light pigtail until 66
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