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1966 Mustang 200ci T5 Swap with Short throw advice(:

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When I was thinking about doing this swap, it was very very hard to find stuff about it so I hope this helps someone...

Just in case any of you with the 200ci I6 were thinking about doing a t5 swap, DO IT!
I just finished my swap with a 1993 World class t5 from ford racing, with an MGW Short throw shifter with race handle and comfort handle.


Here are some tips on making it and easier swap

Get the Bellhousing number so you can get a bellhousing specific adapter kit. (I went by the looks of it cause you cant see the number with the tranny still on) I had the C6OA-6394-C

Ford In-line 6 Cylinder Bell Housing Identification - Modern Driveline

Once you found your bellhousing, get the adapter kit and it will ask for what bell # you have!

Classic Inlines Performance Parts - Ford Inline Six Products

Find a nice T5. I prefer a 93 world class because you are getting better internals with the bugs worked out of it. I bought my transmission brand new, I was kinda iffy on the used from craigslist, just do whatever you feel comfortable with! MAKE SURE YOU GET A WORLD CLASS! If you are spending the money, spend a little more to do it right.

How to ID W.C VS Non-W.C: How to ID a T5

Get a shifter (if you dont want the stock one, which I did NOT) (if you do not have long arms like I do , I would not get a short throw unless you get mgw with comfort handle)

Get a shifter ball! Read to make sure you get the correct threading for the shifter/shifterball combo since they change.

Modern Billet Mustang Retro Style 5-Speed Shift Knob w/ Running Pony Logo - Black 41430 (79-04 All; Excludes 03-04 Cobra) - Free Shipping

Get a New clutch,pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing kit! Really just upgrade since you will be there already. Anything will work. Make sure you know if you need the 8.5" or 9" clutch kit. find your bellhousing first, and it will be easier :)

Resurface your flywheel! If the teeth are bad, you can get a new ring gear for it! It is way too expensive to replace and find a new flywheel. O'reilly auto parts had them cheap and got them next day! (MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW MANY TEETH AND THE DIAMATER OF YOURS!)

List: Flywheel Ring Gear - 1966 Ford Fairlane | O'Reilly Auto Parts

Once you buy the adapter kit for your car, it has a new slip yoke with it, take the driveshaft, get the yoke put on, get NEW joints, and have them rebalance it. I DO NOT CARE IF YOU HAD IT BALANCED THE DAY BEFORE, REDO IT WITH THE NEW YOKE.

If you get a world class, you need Dex/Merc Transmission fluid. 2.8 quarts is what mine takes, it was 20 bucks for a 4 quart. You will spill some most likely, so getting a little extra is not bad.

That really sums up the swap, the only things we had to do, were take the e-brake off, get a box of gloves, spray off the underside of the car, back of engine block, and all oily parts with brake cleaner, bought lunch for my friends who helped, and all in all I spent roughly $2560.00 plus a few tools. It is rather expensive, but It works with the inline 6 AND up to 300hp/tq v8, so in the long run it was worth it to me.

CONS OF SWAP: 1)Clutch adjustment bolt was too short so we had to buy a bolt from home depot and modify it, 2) shifter was a bit off center SLIGHTLY so we had to shave a bit to make it fit, 3) waiting for parts that you cant get on the weekend, 4) crossmember and transmission mount had to be modified to fit (holes were off about 1/4 inch, and mount made transmission sit high so we shaved it down), 5) flywheel was difficult to get figured out with ring gear because oreilly's did not have the ring gear listed for the mustang it was for other fords, 6) needed other people, to help.

All-in-all I am super stoked about this swap, I hope I help someone in the future with what they need, if you have any questions, I would love to answer them if I see them. I am 19, 2 jobs, in college, and still learning cars, so I do not have all the answers or expierence, but I hope I shed some light on a subject I had trouble finding info on!
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Good advice!

The new T5Z Motorsport transmission was probably a good choice. Was that 2.95 first gear ratio and the 0.63 fifth ratio okay for your engine?

For the record, almost ALL Mustang T-5 transmissions are World Class, even those on the 4-cyl cars. The 1983 and 1984 models were the only ones that were not. The GM applications stayed with the Non-World Class for several more years.
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Yes i know most are world class, but its cheaper to get the 4 cyl t5 and non wc.

World class v8 transmission is what was best!
The gear ratio is perfect! my car can actually handle going 65 mph very well with low rpm giving good gas mileage, with the old tranny, 60 was pushing it to the limit with bad mpg.
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I am 16 with a 1965 200ci and I've been heavily considering something like this. But at the same time i've been considering a v8 swap. Budget is very tight since i lost my job and now make money off small jobs. Do you think this swap (for someone on a budget to buy a used one) would be worth it (prive vs benefits).Not to mention my current transmission is a auto. And is there anything that you've done to your inline that you would recommend. (for example breaks, carb changes, suspension) . Lastly , did you need to change the rear axle and/or recommend doing so. Mine is a little noisey from were the previous owner let the fluid leak out. Just needed the opinion from someone a little more in my shoes (age and type of car) advice. Thanks
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@TwoTone65 To do a v8 swap, you have to change the rear end, suspension, steering linkage, possibly wiring harness, probably couldnt do a v8 without a new transmission, and lots of other stuff here and there. I WOULD NOT recommend you doing a engine swap right now. Do the rear end, suspension, and make sure the engine is good first, then look at possibly doing the transmission if yours is bad. If your transmission is not bad, just fix what needs to be fixed. Because problems will come up. I would definitely go to Disc brakes though.
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Thanks for the reply. I have done the rear suspension and I am going to upgrade the front shocks and springs to v8 quality in the next 2 weeks . As far as the front goes, where can i get some good spindles to covert to 5 lugs and disks , ive had trouble finding a pair of v8 spindles and dont know much about a granda (i think thats how its spelled) swap. But as far as im told , getting those drums off that car sounds like the best thing i could do.
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