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1966 Mustang 3g alternator conversion (help)

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I am doing the conversion on my 66 mustang v8 from the stock alternator to a 3g alternator from a 90s mustang. I got the pulleys all done and fitted, the volatage regulator switched out, but I am stuck at the wiring.
I ordered the kit from pa performance that retains the original wiring. It seems I have two more wires (other than main power and ground) on the back of my alt. right now. One white wire,and a black/yellow wire. What do I do with those two wires? Is one going to be my hot wire(ignition)?

Please help!

Thank you,
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Not sure what you mean by "voltage regulator switched out", as the external regulator is not used. You can "reclock" alternator by removing the three bolts holding it together and rotating case for clearance. Just don't allow case to come apart. Here is a diagram for a 3G alternator. Hope this helps.


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