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1966 Mustang aftermarket upper control arms

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I am changing my inline 6 1966 mustang into an 8 cylinder car. In fact it has a 289 2 barrel engine in it already. I am working on changing the suspension and steering. I have the 5 lug spindles and hubs, lower control arms complete with ball joint, new 1 inch lowering springs with the 1 inch poly spring spacer. I am trying to find out which manufacturer of upper control arms to use. The are many such as Scott Drake, moog, Dorman etc. I am trying to locate the best one for my car. This mustang is not a race car it will be a weekend driver classic so muscle performance for racing is not an issue. I just want to replace these items back to as close to original as possible. I have seen many different upper control arm shafts and have heard some negative feed back based on the upper control arm shaft thread design. So, the question is "if I purchase a complete upper control arm, which is the best to purcahse, install and add the grease to get me back to as close to original as possible". I appreciate everyones input and opinion.
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I went with all new suspension, front and back, even roller spring perches from Opentracker Racing products for my 66 Fastback. I kept the suspension pretty close to stock looking. but with a much better performance.

They are a great to deal with too. :bigthumbsup
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