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1966 Mustang Ammeter Non working.

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I purchased a new temperature gauge and ammeter gauge, previous post needed assistance, And I have the water temp gauge working now but the ammeter gauge is not working. I cannot for the life of me locate the solid yellow or solid red lines under the dash so I bypassed the wire harness and ran 14 gauge red wire to the solenoid where the factory red wire ran to but as for the "yellow" wire I do not know where it went to... I am running a 14 gauge "Black" wire for the yellow and well what do I hook this wire up to get the ammeter gauge to work? It does not move at all and well It’s brand new and well there are three small screws on the back of the alternator and I don’t want to try hooking it up to these because this 60 dollar gauge is well expensive and I don’t want to burn it out.
Is the 14 gauge wire to big???
Thanks for the assistance.
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The Ammeter is a new replacement for the factory one in the instrument panel. But now I have a new problem while re installing the instrument panel a wire that runs between the ignition switch and fuse box grounded and caught fire :( Needless to say I now need a new internment panel (after buying all new gages) and new well a whole new driver side . . .

I'm kinda mad at my stang at the moment... everything going good and then fire!!! . . .
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