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1966 mustang engine compartment Help?

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I am looking for exact deminsions for the engine compartment on a 1966 mustang. I am replacing the cowl and 2 frount aprons due to prior damage so I cant simply measure before removal. Help would be great.

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let me know where u need the measurements and ill measure mine
I can measure my 66 for you. What dimensions are you interest in? Inside to inside edges? To edge of fender attachment? Firewall to radiator support?
I am replacing the radiator core support and both frount inner fender aprons. I found a picture on Mustang Monthly's web site that looks like a good place to measure from. I would also like to get measurements on the frount both top and bottom where the fender aprons are welded to the radiator support so I know how wide the 2 should be apart.

Thanks so much for your help

1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop Restoration Measuring For Straightness Photo
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Inside to inside edges at the Radiator support and Firewall to radiator support would be great. Maby radiator support to opening on shock tower. Thanks alot
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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