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1966 Mustang - Engine Won't Start

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I own a 66 Mustang, I6 auto C-4.

I recently replaced the alternator, ignition switch, starter, and starter solenoid. Everytime I try and start the car, the starter motor stays stuck to the point where it sounds like the car is at full throttle without even depressing the accelerator.

I disconnected the throttle linkage and even bypassed the solenoid with a screwdriver, but the starter still stays stuck(the speed at which it's turning sounds like the engine at full throttle). I had a mechanic show me this trick and he was able to get it started a while back, however recently the car either cranks aimlessly or the starter catches, there's no in between.

Took the starter to get checked and it passed. I'm completely out of ideas and paranoid about turning the car on given the fact how many times the damn starter has stayed stuck.

Any help would be appreciated. At the end of my wits here. The car has been sitting for six months
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Thanks for the replies.

In regards to the first responder, yes the engine was changed. It's still the Ford I6 motor. The starter is the correct size and part number etc. In regards to the noise, the starter sticks, sub-sequentially speeding up the engine itself. In other words, they'll both be running at the same time, with the starter spinning and stuck at full speed and engine revving high.

It's not the solenoid because once the key is removed, the starter stops versus other times when the solenoid was sticking, the engine would keep running even with the key removed.

I'm certain the wiring to the solenoid is correct.

As I said, I had a mechanic come over a couple weeks ago with the same problem. He jumped the solenoid with a screwdriver and it worked fine. I was able to turn it on a couple of times after that, but now it won't budge
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No, the key doesn't get stuck in the start position. Even when we bypass the solenoid with the key simply on the
"ON" position, the starter will still get stuck to the engine.
Thanks for all your input.

I changed the solenoid and igntion switch. Had the mechanic come over and put some starter fluid and it started right up.

Unfortunately, now the idle RPM is way too high. He told me that the reason my car was idling too fast was because one of the carburetor mounting gaskets might be on backwards, making it hard for some part of the carburetor to close. (can't remember exactly what part)

Is this true? I feel it might be the distributor vacuum advance since when I got the engine, the previous owner had ziptied the hose shut. Could fast idle also be due to bad timing or some adjustment to the carb other than the idle screw?

Thanks for your help
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