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1966 Mustang factory front license plate?

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new member here.....I have a 1966 Mustang coupe (200ci) which was my dad's (RIP), and in the middle of restoring it.
My dad bought it in May 1966 brand new from **** Bohn Ford dealership in Gretna, LA. It came with a front license plate that has a picture of the mustang and the word "Mustang" below it on a brown plate. This is not a state license plate nor a dealership plate, it has to be a factory plate. I even have color pictures of the Mustang from 1966-1967 with the brown plate on it. I remember at one point (sometime during the 70's) my dad didn't have it on the car and I used to play with it. Of course, now its nowhere to be found.
Since I'm restoring the car (and trying to keep the car ALL original factory), I've been trying to find this specific plate online, but the only plate I can find today online is a blue plate (Ford oval - same horse pic and the word "Mustang" at the bottom). Does anyone know where I can find the original style (and COLOR!) front license plate? I can find every nut and bolt for a Mustang, but not a replica "Factory" (Stock) license plate????

My dad bought that "Ford Blue" replica plate from California Mustang Parts in 1985 and I have it in my possession now (never made it to the car). But I'd like to find the brown version........ any help? Thanks!
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Hello Brian,

Welcome to AFM.

As far as I know, there was no such thing as a factory license plate. If there was, Ford didn't bother to put them into their master parts catalog. Every place they show license plate attaching hardware they show a generic flat rectangle marked only with the words 'license plate'. If it were a Ford supplied part they would have included a Ford part number. Why add a plate that half of their customers would have to throw away to install their state's front license plate? Individual dealers could have done whatever they wanted but I doubt the plate you mention was from the Ford factory. If they did supply them why aren't there now 2 million of them for sale on eBay? :)

I don't know that I have seen, at least I don't recall any such brown plate. Got a picture?
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