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1966 Mustang has spark, but doesn't fire

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Just put a different engine in my 1966 mustang project car. I am getting spark, there is fuel going in the carb. The car cranks over, but just not firing up. Firing order is correct for 289 stock. One question i am firing up the engine without headers or manifold ? Anybody know if this can be a problem with firing up the car ?
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What is the timing set at? Make sure the distributor is in correctly and not 180 deg. off.
the motor will start without headers, but you will burn your spark plug wires up.
Just to let ya all know. . i bought new headers, installed them today. Tried cranking. . nope. . added a little starter fluid and WALA. . Fired up. Set the timing to 6, since its a stock engine.. cranks up all the time now. Probably a compression thing.. it was kinda farting without the headers, but not starting.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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