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1966 Mustang Ignition Starts in "RUN"

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I wired up my ignition based off of the pictures attached and it cranks in run instead of start. I got the red/blue wire from the ignition going to starter side of solenoid, yellow wire from ignition going to battery side of solenoid, then the red/green wire going to small post of the solenoid.

It's an 1991 EFI 5.0 engine so I have the power wire from the harness going to battery side of solenoid. Also the 3 wires from my 2g alternator going to the same spot. The white and black wires on both plugs wired to each other. Then the green/red wire from alternator plug going to small post on solenoid(not sure on this one).

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I thought I was following the diagrams I attached pretty closely.
Thanks in advance


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Hello. :) That red wire with the blue stripe coming out of the ignition switch is supposed to end up on the small post of that unusual starter solenoid. If one of those wire that you have attached to it has power on it with the key in the run position, that will make the car do what you are describing. :)
Hi again.:) On a stock 66 Mustang, that red/green wire goes to the coil. I am not at all familiar with the set-up that you have, so, I have no idea where it goes on your car, but, ultimately, that wire is what takes power from the ignition switch to whatever powers the coil. :)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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