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1966 Mustang Radio Delete Questions

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I own a 1966 Mustang coupe. Due to the hack job where the original radio once was, I have installed a radio delete plate, and it looks perfect. Now, my question. Do radio delete cars have antennas? Did they punch the antenna hole per order, or always punched the hole. Was there an antenna delete option (ie: stubby non-functional antenna)?

The car was manufactured in San Jose on Sept. 20, 1965.

If anybody knows anything, I would be very grateful. A picture would be even better...

Thanks for your time,
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Hello. :) :welcome The radio delete cars did not have the antenna hole. :)
i have a 65 coupe i was going to do the same i was wondering did you buy the radio delete or make it :bigthumbsup
Thanks for the info.

BTW, yes I did buy a repro of the delete plate.
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