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Hi, ive recently taken it upon myself to repair and restore my familes 1966 mustang and i have a couple of questions. but first off id like to say i have a decent amount of electrical experience but little experience with engines (thankfully thats not where most of the issues are) and before you suggest that i rip out the wiring and get new harness i have very little money atm so doing stuff like that is out of the question for me atm.
so heres my questions

1. the engine is (for what i know and can tell) is an inline 6, did this engine come with power steering, i have a power steering pump for it but my father could never find the right brackets for it so he wasnt sure if it was supposed to have power steering.
(also if you could provide a diagram for this engine thatd be great and very helpful)

2. the fuse panel for it is very corroded and i believe to be one of the reasons for the electrical issues the car is having, the wires them selves seem to be in decent shape, so whats the best solution for fixing/replacing the fuse panel? ive looked online and have found new fuse panels that work for 1966 mustangs but have yet to find a fuse panel identical to this one.
(heres one i found: 8 CIRCUIT ATC/ATO FUSE BLOCK PANEL | eBay)

3. when we bought the car someone previous to our owner ship had installed a cd player into the car, a family friend suggested that the cd player was part of the electrical issues (here is a manual to the cd player: will this work or cause any issues with the current wiring (which is all orignal)?

thanks in advance and if you think pictures would help with any of my questions i can put some up, and ill probably have more questions later on.
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