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1966 Mustang-Sudden ticking noise

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I took the Stang out for a drive today and i realized that there was a loud ticking coming when i first got out of the driveway. After a couple minutes later i realized it was probably low on oil. i came back to the house, filled her up and took off again and it still made the ticking. I came to my dad and he said it could be a hydraulic lifter problem but i have no idea. I believe the motor is from a 75 mustang, but did they use hydraulic lifters then? I dont believe the motor has been rebuilt before, or atleast it sure doesn't look like it so i doubt someone did a conversion or something like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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My first thought when you wrote this was the same thing happened to me last year. I thought maybe a lifter, etc.

Turned out it was the header bolts had come loose, causing an exhaust leak, which sounded to me just like a tick noise.

Check that all the bolts holding the exhaust to the manifold are tight, could the first easy fix.

Easy stuff first, then dig deeper.
I believe the motor is from a 75 mustang, but did they use hydraulic lifters then?
The 289s in a Mustang always had hydraulic lifters unless it was the HiPo engine.

A hydraulic lifter problem is a possibility. One of mine collapses and makes a big racket if I don't start it for a few days. I guess that tells me I should drive the car more often.
Didn't the 75 302s use a lash cap on the valves?
It may be that one or more are wearing out.
For some reason today i turned the car on and there was no ticking at all. I wonder if it was only because i hadnt driven in a week like your car Ivy66gt. Well thats one heck of a relief.
Could be a valve rocker. I had that issue early this year. If the rocker isn't set-up right you can get a bit of rocker chatter which sounds like a tick.

It could also be the timing chain set. That will give you a ticking sound. I had that issue last year.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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