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OK, its TRUNK - My trunk lid on inside left side has the number 25 "scratched" into the paint (barely). Iv seen 2 different '66 Shelbys with the numbers 21 and 26 on same side but they were in yellow paint. You can tell mine are scratched in because its beginning the rust thing in spots & you can feel the numbers. The Shelbys are from the Nevada Shelby club. They must mean something important because the Shelby's I seen were very nice cars. The Shelby with the number 26...when who ever did it - they made the 6 inside like a @ symbol - as they finished making the 6 they continued with the @ symbol. Mine is the same way. Weird because they (trunk lids) are two numbers and all start with a 2

My trunk lid doesnt line up exactly perfect. 90% great gap everywhere except for the right side above the right taillight. And I was told the long piece that the fuel cap is on, was repainted but was told that it had not been wrecked there. The orig owner told me about one wreck. and i do believe he was honest. It passed the magnet test.

Anybody seen anything like these numbers before? I have the pics of the Shelby's (trunk lids) if you would like to see them

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