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1966 Mustang Turn Signal Problems!

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Today I found out that my turn signals on both the left and right side of my Mustang will turn on, but will not blink. I've checked the emergency flashers to make sure that they still blinked (they did) and the cause was not the turn signal flasher. I'm wondering what else could be the reason behind this problem. Thanks
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After re-reading your post, I think I understand that the parking lights and the tail light turn signals "blink" when you switch on the hazards? Do you realize that your car (66 Mustang) has TWO flashers? One for the turn signals and another for the hazard lights. Your turn signal flasher could still be the root of your problem.
That was my first thought too. That flasher can be really hard to find. It is on the drivers's side up under the dash, near the vent if I recall.
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