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1967 - 289 - Exhaust

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Im looking to put a new exhaust on the 1967. Right now its stock. Im having issues because every time I need to drop the tranny, where it "y's" together, is in the way.

Any suggestions on exhaust - maybe new headers? Is it best to go with 2..5 or 3 inch out?

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Actually any competent muffler shop can help you from the manifolds back. What it sounds like you need is a drop-out cross over pipe. It's two flanges on the cross over pipe so you can remove it. While you didn't mention your engine mods, a 2 1/2 inch exhaust will support a pretty heavily modified 289. I have had good luck with it on my B302 with Flowmasters . If you go to a muffler shop first ask if they have aluminized pipe. This pipe has aluminum sprayed on the outside to prevent rust. Look at it physically and have them show you the difference. This is to make sure it's aluminized, some will BS you on it. It's really a graet way to go besides stainless. 20 year old set up and still looks good ( the mufflers aren't looking as good- lol). 'hope this helps.
i run flowmaster 40s with true duals so nothing is in the way. sounds nasty and performs well. it is also cheaper and looks really mean coming out the sides in front of the rear wheels at an angle. i have a heavily modded 289 and 2.5 is plenty. if you plan to change the whole exhaust id buy long tube headers because this will be your only oportunity to do so and any set performs really well over the stock manifold. no regrets.

Thanks for the input
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