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1967-73 Mustang Upper control arm shaft bolt spacing

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I just tried to install my new upper control arm shafts from Laurel Mountain and they don't fit. The stock Maverick shafts and Mustangs, from what I've read, have a 4 3/4" spacing. Laurel Mountain says they are all 4 5/8". They said all of theirs are 4 5/8". If I return them I'm out my shipping money. Which one is it?

PS. I would just wing it if I hadn't already drilled for the Shelby Mod.
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Hi there,

The spacing from centres is 3.75 for 65-66 and 4.75 for 67-70 according to my old book and it hasn't let me down yet ,although i have a 66 so havn't tested the 67 numbers.

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