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1967 brake conversion

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Thanks in advance for the help. I have a 67 coupe w 289, all stock and would like to upgrade the brakes for safety purposes. Although the stock (drum) system works fine, my son will be driving the car and I feel more comfortable w power assist and front disc conversion. Of course I don't want to spend a fortune. Any advice on best place to shop on-line and/or best parts, type etc for conversion? I'm told that 14" is the way to go as opposed to the standard 15". Thanks! Terry
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CSRP has non power disc kits for $524 that are high quality and everything you will need in 1 box. You can beat it and I am very happy with my conversion. I really dont miss the power assist.
They also have power kits if you want it.

Good Luck and be safe
Thanks for the reply. FYI my 67 belonged to my grandfather and was garaged @ his home in Vallejo forever. St. Pats grad here 1980 now make my home in San Diego.
I just upgraded from four lug drums to 5 lug discs from CSRP. Like 66 restomod said, everything you need comes in one box. It's a pretty easy install too, putting everything on takes 40% of the time, the other 60% is spent bending the two 6 inch sections of brake lines coming from the master cylinder. Again like 66 said, I don't mind non-power brakes, but they are an option. They also fit the stock 14 inch wheels, but measuring just in case can't hurt.
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I did the CSRP power brake disc conversion on my 65, $650. I did local pick up since I live in Austin where they are located. the reason I did it is because my son rearended somebody.
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