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1967 fastback exterior color And statistic question

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I have or my father has an 67 fastback, that had a unique color. From what we can tell we believe it was timberline green. Since that was the only green that had no color code. We went to marti auto works to download info on this and it came back unknown as well for color. This car has been in the family since it was bought back in 67. So did ford produce these cars with this color and not be a part of the high country special editions. This care was repainted about 10 years ago but at the time that match the paint as close as they can, but since we now have the original paint specs, we are thinking of repainting it back to factor. this car is all factory except cosmetic things. So how rare is it an should we paint it back to factory.

7 =1967
R = built in San Jose
02 = mustang 2 door fastback
C = engine code
63A = fastback
# = unknown color code
2A = black interior
18D = April 18 production
Denver ordering district 512239

1189 with special paint
597 with these paint/trim codes
862 ordered from this DSO

Any info would be appreciated


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