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Hi all. Just joined up today so I'll introduce myself before posting in the forums.

I go by the name Mac. I've owned a 1967 Fastback with a fuel-injected 302, 4 speed top loader for a few years now. I've let her run her course with many a coast cruise but she's now ready for her full restoration. I'm here to soak up as much knowledge as I can before I start.

Warm weather 90% of the year, no snow and a dad who's in the auto repair business with tools galore, it's sure to be a good experience tearing her down and building her up!

Will most likely be upgrading to a small block 427 with new power steering. coil-overs and brakes from RRS, a local manufacturer of new-for-classic Ford parts.

Thanks in advance to all those who will be of help down the track :)


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