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1967 Ford 289 doesnt want to start

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zing.gif1967 Ford 289. Does not want to start. It was starting before and now it doesnt. I had the heads resurfaced, new fuel pump, new distributor, new coil, 600 cfm 4 barrel electric choke, new spark plugs, new aluminum 4 core radiator, new starter, new starter relay, new batter.

Not sure why it doesnt want to start. It cranks and sounds like it wants to start but doesnt. The other day it started and I drove it for about 30 minutes. While going home I stepped on the pedal but as soon as I slowed down the car turned off and didnt want to start, I had to push it back home.

Could it be a timing issue, points, carb?????

Not sure what else to check, im breaking my head over here please help.

Thanks :crying:
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Might not be such a silly question but does it have fuel in the tank?
I start with seeing if you have spark. check timing then fuel
Need more info. What type of dist and coil were put in. Do NOT start messing with any adjustments, you were driving the car so timing, carb, etc should be good to run. But sounds like when you punched it, something gave out, like the coil, fuel pump, or timing chain.

So start at the beginning and check for gas, spark, and compression.
Here's where I fall back to engine basics. 1. Is there fuel to the carb through the filter? 2. Is there spark from the coil and plugs? 3. Is the spark happening at TDC or earlier? 1. No fuel, clogged filter, bad pump. 2. Bad condenser, points or coil. 3. Distributor slipped, cap broken, timing chain/gear off.
sounds like fuel. you punched it and then it died.
like the fuel sender sucked up some dirt and clogged the pump or line.
how old is the sender?
once the filter sock goes, the dirt moves closer to your carb.
Check to see if there's fuel going into the carb by depressing on the throttle, if not you getting spark. Ground a spark plug and see if it lights up. You have gas? is your gas gauge okay? That happened to me one time and it was my gauge.
Hey Siggy1967 - it's been 3 weeks - did you figure it out? I, and maybe several others, would love to gain by your experience! :) My '67 289 was in a Cougar - and it's pistons saw the light of day on a seasonal basis (well, garage lights anyway.) I know the power valve in the bottom of the carb does not like ethanol gas.(flooding) I know that a dirty EGR valve can stick after intake manifold vacuum goes through extremes (and then sucks in oil that fouls the plugs). I'm going with ranchero on this one - but please tell - what was the story?. :)
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