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1967 Mustang 289 Engine ID Tag

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I have my original ID tag for my car and am trying to decode it. Thanks to the many posters on this forum, I have everything decoded except 1 item. The tag reads as follows:

289 C 67 14
7-A E 235-A

289 = displacement
C = Cleveland ass'y plant
67 = Model year
14 = Build revision
7-A = Build date of January 1967
E = ?????
235-A = 4bbl/Mustang

Any help with the "E" would be most appreciated. I have attached a scan of the tag.

Thanks in advance...


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Welcome to the forum!

Your tag differs from mine with that extra letter you are trying to figure out.

Mine reads:

289 C 67 15
7 - E 235 - B

289: CID
C: Cleveland Foundary
67: 1967
15: Engineering Level 15 (Mar-June '67)
7 - E: May 1967
235 - B: A code, Premium Fueled, used in Mustang, Cougar, and Falcon.

Maybe the E has something to do with a Thermactor Emission Control System. I know my engine did not have the Thermactor system.
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The 'E' wasn't on all the tags but its simply for 'Engine code'. In other words it doesn't mean anything except that the characters which follow describe the engine.

235 = Premium fueled (higher compression), 4V engine used with automatic transmission in Mustang/Cougar/Falcon for 66 & 67. Change level 14, i.e. L14, was used from Sept 66 thru Mar 67. Cleveland used L14 longer than did Windsor which stopped making them in Oct 66. For Cleveland only (i.e. YOU); L14 engines carried an A suffix while L15 engines had a B suffix.

Ref: The Ford Small Block V-8 by Bob Mannel
Thanks for the quick and thorough responses. The Bob Mannel book will be coming to my bookshelf soon!

68 Engine Tag - De-code?

289 E 68 16
C27 K 236-J

I recently pulled the motor out of my 68' mustang fastback and came across a tag with this stamped.

I had run the vin numbers and understood that it was an original 289ci 2 barrel motor, it currently has a "supposed different 289ci 4b"

Anyone have an idea to the details of this tag?

Thanks -
Hello Ian. Welcome to the forum.

I grew up in the next county north of yours.

289, Windsor foundry, 1968, engineering change level 16 (Aug 67 - Jul 68), 27 March (1968), C-code 289/2V with automatic transmission.
I have the same 236-J code with 16 change code. I have read several other places that the later 289 engines were actually a 302 block. Does that mean it would have an overall higher HP due to the longer stroke??
No. 289s built in a 302 block were/are still 289s. The crank is what determines stroke and, obviously, 289s used a 289 crank. They simply ran short of the old style blocks and used the newer ones for some 289s.
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