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1967 Mustang 289 tach install

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My mustang does not have a factory tachometer and I want to put on in, is there a special kit or conversion kit? or can I just get a new instrument cluster? how do I wire it?:yup:
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Mustang Man 67,

Here is a great link that will give you some ideas on factory tach install

You may want to consider just adding an aftermarket tach to start with.
They come with various mounts but many go on the steering wheel.

For these hook-up is pretty easy Most have just 4 wires.One hooks to the coil,one to a ground, one to the light switch and one to a hot wire when the ignition switch is on.

I mention the aftermarket because of work and costs involved inswitching
to factory

Print Dad
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x2 on what print dad said.

i wired a tach in my mustang, took maybe 30 mins. the hardest part was splicing in the light for it. i have my tach mounted on the steering column. i would suggest putting something (felt or light foam) under the actual tach mount so you dont scratch the paint if you decide to remove it.

remember the tach lead goes on the NEGATIVE side of the coil. or nothing will happen :p
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This is all good advise here as these guys have experianced the installation of tachs...... BUT !

If you have a "factory tach", you will have no choice but to spend the "much-0 dinero" to buy a used.......or already have the factor instrument housing that accepts the original tach. This is also requires the fuel gauge relocation. The alternator charge circuit and oil pressure are changed to idiot lights. To save money, you can re wire you under dash harness, headlight wiring harness and alternator harness. (see the attachment for this)

BUT Wait ......... There is a company that makes the factory looking tach that will fit right in your existing non tach housing. Its about $500 - $600 bucks but a hell of lot cheaper than going the original route. Click on this link and see what I mean.

Tribute Automotive - Tribute Automotive Products in dash 1967 1968 Mustang tachometer

Bottom line, you have basically 4 options:
1- Install and external after market tach (lots of good ones out there
2- Install one of those mini tachs made to fit in the location where the clock or clock blank is on you instrument cluster
3- Install an original factory tach (takes more than jus the tach to do this and the costs get enormous $$$
4- Install the Tribute automotive factory looking tach ( for the original tach look, this is the least costly and easy to do
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Sorry, I forgot the attachment on the previous post....... Here it is


#%&*@!!..... again I apologize. That attachment was for a 69 - 70.

This is the one for 67


LOL thanks RF Mustang
Any such kits for a '66?
I know where to get them tpaxton66 you can find them on if you have a bit of extra money

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