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My just puchased 67 had very spongey brakes and assumed the problem to be air in lines, bad wheel cylinders, etc....I recently did acomplete brake job. I installed new brake shoes and misc hardware on all 4 corners, bled the brakes, checked adjustment, checked for leaks, etc.....The brakes are now worse!!! My next step would be an
inspection, repair, and/or replacement of master cylinder, RIGHT? If I'm not thinking right "somebody stop me!!!".

Need Some Help:happyhapp

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that really bites! Hi Jed :wavey!
dne' here,
I have to assume that you have drum brakes all the way around?(I hate that word assume!). I wouldn't just run out and buy a mc, unless you just want a new one(nice and new!). Have you done brakes before(I don't know you and have to ask)?
*So, is the pedal just spongy?
*Does it stop at all?
*you had the drums machined?
*Is your brake light on(the one on the dash)?
NOTE: Sometimes it's easy to miss putting one(or more) of the pluggers from the wheelcylinders into the shoe.
*You did adjust the brakes? adjusting the little star on the self adjuster to where the brake shoes just drag on the drum)
*power brakes?(not that it matters), but if you did, and your power booster is shot, could make stopping unfun.
*if the MC holds without at all without going down, then it's probably ok, but if it slowly creeps to the floor, it may have a leak, but the entire system needs to be checked to make sure all it well~! If it's non - power, you can look inside of the car where it comes through the firewall and see if fluid is leaking inside, or even on the firewall(engine side) to see if there is a trail of brake fluid(mainly that of paint gone and rusty trail).

This should get some ideas going for you~!
dne' :bigthumbsup
or if you'd like to talk it over, I'm bored~
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