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1967 Mustang C-code question?

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My uncle is a giving me his mustang from wen he was younger, and he swears it is a 1967 289 c-code gta coupe, i just had a couple questions about it. It only has single exaught and no fog lights, but it has the gta cap and everything that looks original, my question is did they make any gta coupes without fog lights and duel exhaust?,
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Hello. :) :welcome

In the 67 model year you could get the GT package on C code cars. The GT package was really only cosmetic in 67, but, they would happily put it on a C code car. On the 65/66 cars, they only put the GT package on cars that also came with a 4bbl, but, in 65/66 the GT package actually meant a little something. You got front disc brakes, dual exhaust, better suspension, and quicker steering along with the stripes and badges. In 67, it was basically just the stripes and badges. :)
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Hello. :) The term'GT' was first used by Enzo Ferrari, and did indeed mean gran turismo. His 250 GTO was the gran turismo/omologato, which was his shot at the sanctioning body in racing. The rules said that you had to build at least 100 of a car model to homologate it and run it as a production car. Ferrari decided that he would call all of the various 250s they built over about a decade the same model of car, which they weren't by any reasonable definition. He knew that he wasn't going to build anything close to a hundred of the GTOs (39 all together) so, he called them GTO and ran them in the production class anyway. :gringreen He could get away with that sort of thing back then because he was Enzo Ferrari. Since then, various manufacturers have attached GT, in one form or another, to a car line, or option package for a car line, to indicate that this was the go-fast version of that car line. :)
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