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1967 Mustang Coupe - New Membere

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Hey Mustang connoisseurs!

Just picked up a 1967 Mustang Coupe last weekend as a project to learn about cars and build a sweet ride. That Mustang was originally a V-6 but the previous owner removed it and bought a Ford 302 V-8. Both the engine and the (C4) transmission have yet to be put in the car.
I live in Toronto, ON and have the car in the Huntsville, ON area.

The previous owner installed a complete brand new interior, brand new brake and rotor set up, new rear axle, most moldings, rear suspension, gauge cluster and new bumpers.
What's left to is break lines and fuel lines, along with engine and transmission install.
In all honesty, this is my first car and I know very little about car mechanics. Hope I learn a lot here!

I'm looking to get the car running by the end of the summer if I can.

I plan to connect the engine and transmission this weekend, though I have yet to buy the bolts, does anyone know if they're generic bolts for Ford 302s?
link to possible bolts:
F-215 Mustang 260/289/302 6 Bolt Automatic Transmission To Engine Mounting Bolts 1965-1968 | CJ Pony Parts


Thank guys!

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Welcome! I've done most of what you're discussing. Do you have any details on the engine and trans? Have you checked to see if the c4 was the one that came off the old "straight" six or if it is for a 289/302? If it was the original trans you're likely to need a compatible bell housing. Which will need to be for a 157 or 164 tooth flex plate depending on your application. What year model 302 do you have?
In all honesty, I'm not sure what year the Ford 302 is. And the trans is (relatively) new for the V8, it only has about 50 miles on it.
Would you happen to have any recommendations for where to order bolts, specifically to mount the engine (There are new V8 engine mounts in the car already) and to attach the fly wheel. I'm pretty new to all this stuff so I'm still shopping around to find the most reliable/economical suppliers.

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