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I posted a thread some time back about my Son-in-Laws 1967 Mustang Coupe. He has put lots of work in it, but it still does not run

The Mustang is now in my home garage in Virginia Beach.My Son in Law put it in his trailer and drove down from Pax River, Maryland to deliver it to me for repairs.

He, most likely, knows more about repairing this car, but he is in the Navy and has a wife and two small boys, and thus, has no time to work on it.

Me, on the other hand, am retired and have lots of time. (age 74) to work on it. I dont think it will take much to get it running.

The car was put in my garage today. I will wait unit everyone goes back to Pax before checking out the car.

Sad thing is, the Mustang got a small scratch about 18 inchs during delivery. bummer.

Here is a pic of it. Expect to hear from me and ask lots of dumb questions.

Mike in Virginia Beach

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