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1967 Mustang coupe starting problems after warm up.

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The motor is a 289 with a c4 tranny, the car will start up cold, but when i drive for 20-30 mins and try to restart it turns over but no go. its been rebuilt recently just started this problem. anyone can you help out with suggestions thanks
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Hello 67stangluvr,
First - problems like this can be frustrating - - BUT
a little detective work help. ASLO - what type carb and 2 or 4 barrel.

Second - - As I am sure you know - - you need fuel and spark
along with compression to start the car. I would try these things

The next time you run the motor, after shutting it off - - quickly remove the air cleaner. See if you see little puffs of smoke coming from inside the throat (center of carb). This would indicate a leak into the manifold. If it is a 4 barrel Holley - -most likely a power valve

The next the car won't start

Once again - remove the air cleaner and pump the accelerator linkage and see if you are getting fuel to squirt into the carb.

After checking the fuel - - remove a spark plug wire from the plug and pull back the boot of the wire to expose the metal end of the spark plug wire. This is the part that attaches to the plug. Hold the end about 1/2 inch from the exhaust manifold and have someone crank the motor to see if the spark jumps.. USE CAUTION if you have a HIGH output coil. If you have points you should be fine. Some people prefer to hold the wire with a good insulated pliers.

What you want to determine is if you are getting spark when the car won't start.

From there it is a matter of back-tracking and finding out why.
Spark issues could include -
a. - Bad wire
b. - Weak faulty coil
c. - Cracked distributor cap
d. - Bad points, condensor and/or rotor

Try these things and post back

Print Dad
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Smetimes it is a really simple thing - likethe choke is not opening when the car warms up - or if you have an electric choke it is closing too fast and you are trying to start the car (warm) with the choke closed.
The heat riser tube may be broken.
The choke may not be properly adjusted.
Electric choke may need a heat riser tube that is missing or broken.
Electric choke not getting power.
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