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1967 Mustang Coupe Steering Upgrade

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I have had my 67 coupe for about 6 months and the steering is really loose with a lot of play in the wheel.

I can turn it about an 8th of a rotation before any turning of the wheels occurs.

It has power steering but im not sure of much else.

I want to upgrade to rack and pinion but I'm not sure if this is the best option.

What do y'all recommend and if it is rack and pinion... should i go power rack and pinion or manual?

And where should I get it?

Thanks in advance,
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I love my total control power rack and pinion. it is the best thing I have ever done on my car.,
If you don't have play in tie rods, pitman arm or idler arm, you can adjust slack in steer box.

Delmar | Cengage Learning

Delmar | Cengage Learning

The ball nut assembly and the sector gear must be adjusted properly to maintain a minimum amount of steering shaft end-play and a minimum amount of backlash between the sector gear and the ball nut. There are only two adjustments that may be done on this steering gear and they should be done as given below:
  1. Disconnect the pitman arm from the steering pitman-to-idler arm rod.
  2. Loosen the locknut on the sector shaft adjustment screw and turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise.
  3. Measure the worm bearing preload by attaching an inch lbs. torque wrench to the steering wheel nut. With the steering wheel off center, note the reading required to rotate the input shaft about 11/2 turns either side of center. If the torque reading is not about 4–5 inch lbs., adjust the gear as given in the next step.
  4. Loosen the steering shaft bearing adjuster locknut and tighten or back off the bearing adjusting screw until the preload is within the specified limits.
  5. Tighten the steering shaft bearing adjuster locknut and recheck the preload torque.
  6. Turn the steering wheel slowly to either stop. Turn gently against the stop to avoid possible damage to the ball return guides. Then rotate the wheel 23/4 turns to center the ball nut.
  7. Turn the sector adjusting screw clockwise until the proper torque (9–10 inch lbs.) is obtained that is necessary to rotate the worm gear past its center (high spot).
  8. While holding the sector adjusting screw, tighten the sector screw adjusting locknut to 32–40 ft. lbs. and recheck the backlash adjustment.
  9. Connect the pitman arm to the steering arm-to-idler arm rod.
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